About Me. And, I Hope, About You.


eandkmarcweddingMy name is Kevin Fenton.

My professional self:

I write and sometimes creative-direct ads, web sites, brochures, posters, and what not. I have worked in the business for slightly longer than I care to admit.

While I’m a writer by trade, I love the visual aspects of the craft. I’ve published essays in the design quarterlies Émigré and Eye (London). Some comments on typography were anthologized in Looking Closer 2: Critical Writing On Graphic Design.

Visit my professional website: kevinfenton.com

Read my advertising and marketing blog:on message

Follow my advertising and marketing twitter: @kevinfentonbiz

Connect on LinkedIn: Kevin Fenton

My literary self:

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota. I’ve written and hope to publish a novel and a memoir.

I’ve published stories in The Laurel Review, The Northwest Review,  and Emprise Review; poetry in the Beloit Poetry Journal, and reviews and essays in Rain Taxi. I founded and edited the cultural journal Two Cities.

Read my literary blog: Second Draft

Follow my reading, movies, music twitter: @kevinfenton

My better self:

I am also on the board of two organizations which are slightly more worthy than I am: Rain Taxi Review of Books and the Innocence Project of Minnesota.

Just, you know,  me:

I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my awesome wife Ellen and my impossibly charismatic greyhound, Albert. I grew up a little ways down the Mississippi, in and around Winona, Minnesota. Go Winhawks.

About you.

This page exists because I value conversation. And that means I would like to hear from you. Feel encouraged to leave a comment here or elsewhere  or to engage me on twitter.


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