I’m Barely Interesting Enough For One Twitter Account


I’ll be shutting kevinfentonbiz soon.  My business is doing great. I don’t feel the need for a dedicated business account, and I do feel the need to focus my social media efforts on the promotion of my forthcoming novel, Merit Badges.  I’m still interested in social media and advertising, and will tweet about those things, but the personal account also pokes its nose in books, music, movies, and life in St Paul.


White Paper: Twitter: From Trend to Tool


Download “Twitter: From Trend to Tool” snapshot-2009-04-27-10-07-51snapshot-2009-04-27-10-07-24snapshot-2009-04-27-10-06-51

I’ve written a white paper acknowledging the skepticism around Twitter, making the case for Twitter, exploring the pitfalls of this new media, and exploring how it can help enhance your marketing and expand your capabilities. Click on the link above to download.

About Me. And, I Hope, About You.


eandkmarcweddingMy name is Kevin Fenton.

My professional self:

I write and sometimes creative-direct ads, web sites, brochures, posters, and what not. I have worked in the business for slightly longer than I care to admit.

While I’m a writer by trade, I love the visual aspects of the craft. I’ve published essays in the design quarterlies Émigré and Eye (London). Some comments on typography were anthologized in Looking Closer 2: Critical Writing On Graphic Design.

Visit my professional website: kevinfenton.com

Read my advertising and marketing blog:on message

Follow my advertising and marketing twitter: @kevinfentonbiz

Connect on LinkedIn: Kevin Fenton

My literary self:

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Minnesota. I’ve written and hope to publish a novel and a memoir.

I’ve published stories in The Laurel Review, The Northwest Review,  and Emprise Review; poetry in the Beloit Poetry Journal, and reviews and essays in Rain Taxi. I founded and edited the cultural journal Two Cities.

Read my literary blog: Second Draft

Follow my reading, movies, music twitter: @kevinfenton

My better self:

I am also on the board of two organizations which are slightly more worthy than I am: Rain Taxi Review of Books and the Innocence Project of Minnesota.

Just, you know,  me:

I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my awesome wife Ellen and my impossibly charismatic greyhound, Albert. I grew up a little ways down the Mississippi, in and around Winona, Minnesota. Go Winhawks.

About you.

This page exists because I value conversation. And that means I would like to hear from you. Feel encouraged to leave a comment here or elsewhere  or to engage me on twitter.